Why to choose Canada for study?

Why to choose Canada for study?

Canada welcomes and encourages international students, but process can still be overwhelming at times. These tips can ease the transition to life among the maple leaves. Before departing from your own country, contact the institution where you will be studying to clarify necessary documentation – it varies according to the time you stay and the region. Give yourself pre-departure time to everything in order: three months prior is ideal. It is also recommend that you register with your country’s consulate or embassy before entrance.

Before going from home study up on Canadian culture before leaving home, join student groups, and participate in events and to be open to new experiences. Take some advantage from professional support services at your academic institution, as well as informal resources like other international students.  Mostly international students with study permits live in Canada live in dormitories located on or near campus. These may offer cafeteria meal plans. Your housing office provides you more information about on campus accommodations, as well as private offering.

Health insurance is mandatory in Canada, it should arrange prior to arrival. Your academic institution likely includes health insurance covered in your fees, but you have to check to be sure. Canada has four distinct seasons, and can get pretty chilly during the winter months. Planning for extreme cold is the key to enduring a Canadian winter: pay attention to weather forecasts and note that good winter clothing is not optional. There is well saying “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing”.

International students with study permits can work on campus or at affiliated campus sites; others require a work permit which qualifies them to work for up-to 20 hours for a week.  Eligibility of work permits strict and excludes part-time students, visiting and exchange students, certain scholarships recipients, and ESL and FSL students, among others. If you hope to work in Canada, you can check Canadian website.

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