Permanent Residence for New Zealand:-

Permanent Residence for New Zealand:-

If you have skills, qualifications or experience that New Zealand needs you may be able to apply for a resident visa under the Skilled Migrant Category.New Zealand Permanent Residents are residents of New Zealand, who hold a permanent resident visa, which- superficially seen-makes them equal to New Zealand citizens. A permanent visa must not be confused as with a resident visa.

The main difference between resident and permanent visa are as a permanent resident visa holder is entitled to be granted entry permission at the border at any time, while  the resident visa holder is only entitled to apply for entry permission. All others rights become only effective, if entry is granted to the resident visa holder.

Sometimes a resident visa is issued with travel conditions, which allow the holder to re-enter the country multiple times until these conditions expire. After that the holder may remain in the country legally but must not leave or lose its resident status.

Well, the process for New Zealand depends on the stream you have chosen to get permanent residency that is family visa skilled migrant, work to residence, or residence from work, etc. to apply for Pr, you must need to choose the category of visa you want to apply and after that apply for the same after review.

The work visas SMC, Work to Residence and Residence to work etc all have different requirements, processing time  and process of application, hence you need to explore the each separately to find out, which category of visa suits your profile your best.

An application for a permanent resident visa must hold or have held a resident visa in last three months. He must also hold or have held as the resident visa for last two years continuously. The applicant should be of good character, have met one of the five commitments to New Zealand criteria.

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