Study Visa of Canada for Indian Students:-

Study Visa of Canada for Indian Students:-

From last three years the number of study visa for International students in Canada is increasing over. 2,500 students from India apply for Canadian visa in 2008, and it rose up to 12,000 and now it is estimated to be double.

The credit goes to visa companies and the policies taken by Canadian government to attract Indian students that they come to study in Canada.

Canada Study visas consultants let you know all information about student visa like it takes 15 working days to be processed or we can say three weeks to process the student visa.  You can do work as part time while studying in both off and on campus without requiring a work permit. This condition is applied to full time students in public university, community college, vocational college, a publicly funded trade or technical school, or private institution. To work outside from campus you have to apply for work permit as part of the campus work permit program. This permit allows students to work for 20 hours in a week and full time in holidays and term breaks.  You can gain experience as Canada gives opportunity to their international students. Like if you study for one year in Canada then, you will get Post Graduation one year Work Permit, you can do work anywhere you want and switch jobs anytime you like. The opportunities for international students are that they can live as temporary residence, or even become permanent residents of the country. To become a permanent residence of Canada, at least you have to work for one year with a valid work permit. Or your job must qualify Skill Type level A or B occupation under NOC system.

Canada study Visa Consultants ludhiana help to give you the better knowledge for your spouse or partner to come with you in Canada. Your spouse and partner also work when you are still studying. You will have to decide for study where you want before applying as once. If your stud program includes internship or professional training you have to apply for a work permit.  You may renew r extend your study permit, if you have changed your school or institution or your study course extends for the time.




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